Homecoming 2019

Homecoming 2019
Posted on 09/13/2019
Homecoming 2019Homecoming 2019
Aparna Raghu
Staff Writer
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The Homecoming Dance is one of the largest social gatherings of the school year As September 28 approaches, students are in full preparation mode.

Freshman Aditi Sanghvi said, “I hope it’s gonna be fun. [I think it’s going to be] like the dinner dance in middle school but better and more people.”

Junior Madelynn Bennett said, “I actually think homecoming is pretty fun. Me and my friends kind of just dance around and play mini games and stuff."

According to Bennett, getting tired of homecoming is impossible and she recommends going at least once.

Freshman Cole Sherman said, “Personally, I’m not a big football person and I think homecoming is just too many people so I’d rather stay at home.”

Homecoming is a time for students to make new friends, learn about their school, and develop closer relationships with the kids around them.

While some teens believe homecoming is a fantastic place to have fun and kickstart the year, others believe it is a waste of time and money considering the cost of dresses, tickets, and more. Some others also view homecoming as a stressful period because getting a ‘date’ is a struggle or even their parents may not allow going to the dance.

To make homecoming a fun and joyful time and place to be, going with a group of friends is always recommended, so spending quality time will not be a problem. In addition, there is no need to buy expensive dresses or suits for an event held one day a year. Save those for Prom and let homecoming be a social gathering. Homecoming is a break from the rigorous work highschool provides and a night to have to be relieved. 

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