Man Pageant 2019

Man Pageant 2019
Posted on 03/05/2019
Man Pageant 2019Man Pageant 2019 Overview
Grace Milone
Staff Writer
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CV’s Mini-THON has a series of events leading up to the big night. The man pageant, which was on February 21st this year, is one of the biggest and most attended events before THON. This year the 10 students participating included John Senos, Jackson Harral, Thomas Kemprowski, Nick Scott, Max Radosavlijevic, Joey Swartz, Nate Young, Nick Shover, Grady Clarke, and Jonathan Essis. It was a packed house with students and family members to witness the acts, talents, Q&A’s, and even a couple yoga session.

The night kicked off with a group performance to a mashup of songs which brought cheers and a lot of laughs. Then the talent portion kicked off including using the pottery wheel featuring Joey Swartz’s feet, a mechanical performance by Jackson Harral, a dance routine from Thomas Kemprowski, a wilderness tour from an Australian version of Grady Clarke, and a series of other musical performances. After some question and answers and other acts the contestants performed in couples yoga in robes. They showed off their balancing ability while holding onto each other for support. Not only was this entertaining for viewers, but also stress relieving. The host, of course, was Mr. Mashinski who brought his joke book along to share in between acts.

This years Man Pageant was one for the books and it’s safe to say it was unforgettable. The dedication, practice, and commitment of the contestants was obvious and was shown through their incredible performances. All the laughs and jokes are enjoyable, but the cause is even more worthwhile.

The passion that CV students have for raising money for Four Diamonds and the amazing cause is the best part of it all. With Mini-THON and spirit week soon arriving, students are beyond excited for the grand reveal of the money that the CV community has raised for the Four Diamonds Fund to help children with pediatric cancer.

It is truly incredible to see what CV can do and the differences in the lives of children they can make. The man pageant is just part of the Mini-THON excitement and anticipation of the year.

The results of the Man Pageant were even better than watching the contestants dance around in jean shorts. It was a group effort to raise a whopping $72,303.02 which blew past years out of the water.

The participant that raised the most money and this year's Mr. CV is Grady Clarke who raised over $17,000 just on his own which earned a standing ovation. All money is of course raised For The Kids. This year is truly one for the books and the CV community can’t wait for the big number reveal the night of Mini-THON.

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