Safe Holiday Activities

Safe Holiday Activities
Posted on 12/21/2020
Safe Holiday ActivitiesCOVID-19 Safe Holiday Activities 
Maddie Keefer
Staff Writer
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Photo of Koziar’s Christmas Village light display. Koziar’s Christmas Village allowed reserved viewing of their light displays for the 2020 season to remain operating and COVID-19 safe.

The desire to experience the joy of the holidays has not decreased amidst the COVID-19 resurgence, but the need to stay safe while celebrating definitely has increased. So, in an effort to celebrate safely, below is a compiled list of COVID-19 safe activities that will get your family into the holiday spirit, and not into the hospital…

A Christmas Movie Marathon!
2020 has taught everyone the art of staying inside and binging Netflix, so this trend does not have to change during the holidays! Now more than ever is the time to cuddle up under a blanket with hot chocolate in hand and rewatch holiday classics. Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. These classics and more can be enjoyed from the safety of home. Movies are a great way to feel engrossed in the holiday spirit without going out and putting yourself in danger, and it is a time to spend with family and appreciate the warmth of staying home.

Christmas Cookie Decorating!
As long as Christmas Cookie decorating does not involve a kitchen packed with you and your fifty closest friends, this is absolutely a COVID-19 safe activity every family member can enjoy. Look up recipes you and your family can bake together, and then you can enjoy all your hard work by eating the cookies! Many families decorate Christmas Cookies this season no matter the global conditions, so continuing this tradition would provide a sense of normalcy and reassurance the family is being safe at home. Cooking baking does not have to be expensive either, it can be as grand or laid back as each family wants, so it is the perfectly adaptable way to enjoy the holidays safely.

Christmas Light Drive-By
Many businesses are doing light drive by displays this season so they can remain in business while spreading holiday cheer. Hershey’s Parks Sweet Lights are a lab extravagant light show that could be enjoyed from the car, so no interaction has to occur between your loved ones and the outside. However, money does not have to be spent to enjoy the lights. Simply driving around your local neighborhood and enjoying house lights is another way to get out, enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, and most importantly, stay safe. Christmas lights illuminate neighborhoods and bring a sense of joy to onlookers, and viewing the lights is an activity that can be adapted to the COVID-19 environment.

Virtual Church Services
No matter your religion or celebratory traditions during this time, many families attend their local religious services during this time of year. Unfortunately, many religious centers have gone to virtual services, making the beloved Christmas Eve or other holiday services a new experience for all. Although this seems negative, the virtual church services can actually provide an experience for people to visit new and different church services from all across the country, something that previously was not possible.

“I personally enjoy it [virtual church services] because it’s allowed me to check out other churches which is especially helpful with college on the horizon as to already start searching for a future church,” Senior Courtney Nuss said.

Virtual church services allow people to expand their horizons from the comfort and safety of their own home so they can celebrate with their church and not worry about health consequences.

If CV gets snow… PLAY OUTSIDE!
As of now, Cumberland Valley is projected to receive buckets of snow, right in time for the holiday season. 2020 would be the perfect winter to take advantage of the flurries, as Pennsylvania has not experienced a true storm for a few years and it is past due that we have Christmas snow. Playing outside in the snow this season would provide the entire family a chance to experience the wonderful winter outdoors without paying to the fun. Although it is not recommended that people pair up with their entire neighborhood and have a snow ball fight for the ages, some simple outdoor fun with the immediate family would be the perfect outside activity that is both safe and fun!

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