Student Council Brings Back Winter Dance

Student Council Brings Back Winter Dance
Posted on 01/29/2018
Riley Hester
Staff Writer

This past Saturday, January 20th, students gathered to dance the night away at CV’s winter dance, “Snowco”. After years of students requesting a winter dance, Student Council decided it was finally time to bring it back.
“Student Council decided to bring back the dance because we hadn’t had it for a long time and a lot of people had been asking for it,” Co-President Alaina B said. “This was the first winter dance for everyone at CV, and I think that it was a great success.”
The dance was very similar to the homecoming dance. There was a DJ, drinks, music, winter decorations, and of course, a lot of dancing from everyone who attended.
“Going into the dance I didn’t really know what to expect. I missed out on homecoming this year, so I was super glad when they announced Snowco. It was a great opportunity for me to let loose and have fun with my friends. It was nice to get a chance to chill and relax after all of the recent tests I’ve had,” Sophomore Mia Mattingly said.
For the past few months, Student Council had been preparing and organizing Snowco and everything that came with it. It took a lot of hard work and dedication from the people involved.
“Student Council had been working hard to ensure students had the best night possible at the dance. We’d planned exciting decorations and other surprises. It definitely paid off in the end,” Student Council member Lindsay Berra said.
One unique aspect of the dance was the Sadie Hawkins. This means that instead of guys asking girls as has been the tradition, girls had the chance to ask the person of their choice to the dance. Additionally, there was an all male “Snowco” court of nominees for the “Snow King, an alternate to the traditional homecoming queen”. Senior nominations for “Snowmen” was January 9th, and the final vote for Snow King took place January 16th. It was Paul Kim who took the crown in the end and was named Snow King.
“Personally I was really excited for Snowco. I think it’s awesome that they finally brought it back, and it was cool to see the girls asking the guys to a dance for once,” Sophomore Jena Dehoff said. “Although I couldn’t vote for anyone for Snow King, I was still excited to see who all was on the court and who ultimately won.”
“I think that Snowco was a good opportunity to hang out and have a fun time with friends after all of the schoolwork everyone’s been doing lately. I’m was excited to cast my vote for Snow King and see who finally won!,” senior Liz Jackson said.
Student Council had been doing a lot to prepare for the event so that it would be an enjoyable event for everyone. With all of the work they had put in, they were happy with the way outcome and amount of attendees.
“As student council officers we had been talking about the winter dance since around homecoming, and then after that we started asking the student body questions about how they would like to see the dance. From there we started looking for decorations, a DJ, and decided on any other purchases. Then we prepared for ticket sales and the preparation of the dance itself. Overall I am overjoyed with the results of the dance and think it was a great success,” Brenneman said.
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