Students Adjust to "New Normal"

Students Adjusting to "New Normal"
Posted on 10/06/2020
Spanish ClassroomStudents Adjusting to Virtual and Physical School
Nyla Anderson
Staff Writer
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Since the school year has started, most students are accustomed to the new schedules. Most tudents who are physically going to school go on either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday, the opposite days being online. This new schedule can affect the routines of students accustomed to going to school daily.

Due to the schedule and shorter school days, lunch is not being served at the high school, and lunch periods are treated as study halls.

“I think I eat less because there isn’t like a set time that I have lunch,” Junior Calleigh Ryan said. “I just kind of have lunch when I’m hungry.”

However, students are able to take bagged lunches home from school if they need it.

“The fact that I can have a fully home-cooked meal for lunch is definitely better, especially since I’m a runner,” Senior Mackenzie Kirkwood said. “I’m able to have a really good diet and there’s actually more time for you in the morning, so I do have a big breakfast.”

School starts at 7:45 and virtual school starts at 12:30 or 1:05, depending on the day. Students can choose to wake up later on the days they have online and also stay up later at night if they don’t have to wake up earlier.

“Since I stay up on the weekends, sometimes I can’t sleep on school nights, and then some days when I actually go [to school] in person I have to wake up earlier than I do for online,” Freshman Sam Abt said.

Most assignments are online and usually lessons are given when in-person. Students are expected to do asynchronous assignments for classes on days they don’t have those classes live.

“There’s definitely a lot more responsibility on you this year because we also have to teach
ourselves in a way,” Kirkwood said. “We are only seeing our teacher for like 40 minutes in a
Students and parents are discussing whether the hybrid school plan is safe and if it is actually effective for students and their learning.

“I personally like being [at school] and being in class because it’s what I’m accustomed to,” Abt said.

“I think I would’ve been less organized than I am right now if I had done [school] completely online, but I think it would have been an adjustment either way,” Ryan said.
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