Tye Dye Tradition Continues

Senior Tye Dyes
Posted on 09/03/2019
Senior Tye DyeSenior & Junior Tie Dye Tradition
By Grace Phillips
Staff Writer
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Junior and Senior girls at CV have an on going tradition of wearing tie dye shirts on the first two days of school. The Senior girls wear red on the first day and the Junior girls wear black on the second. It is an awesome way of starting out the first week, making it full of fun and school spirit.

Teacher Mrs. Rossi said, “This tradition has been going on for at least 7-8 years now that I can remember."

It is a great crossover for being an upperclassman now and taking the responsibility of running the school. As well as being role models for freshmen and sophomores. Most underclassmen look forward to the years that they will be allowed to participate in the tie-dye traditions. Having this to look forward to is something that brings students in grades together and also gets them excited for the school year.

Senior Grace Brown-Scherer said, “It brings us together as a class and starts the year off unified. I like how you’re only able to participate as a Junior and Senior. It makes you feel like you’re almost there, like you’ve accomplished something. It was long awaited for and something I’ve looked forward to for all these years."

Coming in as a freshman, one of the things you look forward to the most is being an upperclassman. Apart from becoming an upperclassmen is being able to wear the black and white tie-dye.

Junior Abbie Miller said, “I really like them, I think it’s nice to show school spirit, it also brings all of my friends and I together and gets us excited to be seniors next year!"

While the tradition starts your Junior year with the black and white tie-dye, most students look forward to the senior year tie-dye. Senior Isley Ward says, “It was very bitter sweet and something I looked forward to since freshman year. Now finally having the chance to wear it, made me realize that this was it, this was almost the end."

The tie-dye tradition is something that CV should stick with and be proud of. “Not many other schools do stuff like this, its awesome that CV continues this every year,” senior Isley Ward said.

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