Valley Bistro Opens on Wertzville

Valley Bistro Opens
Posted on 02/01/2019
Valley Bistro Review

Rachel Shin
Feature Editor
[email protected]

Valley Bistro, a new brunch restaurant off of Wertzville road, opened 4 months ago. Valley Bistro specializes in breakfast/brunch foods, but also sells desserts.

The chicken in waffles are a specialty of the house, and personally I would highly recommend the dish. It perfectly combines sweet and savory flavors between the crispy, seasoned chicken and the airy waffle. The chicken is cooked perfectly, with a thin and crunchy outer texture covering the juice white meat inside. In my opinion, Valley Bistro makes the best chicken and waffles in the area.

The restaurant serves a variety of other brunch foods, from crab hash to gyros. Junior Lydia Krause thought highly of their nutella french toast. “The french toast was cooked just right, it was soft and light on the inside but a little crispy on the outside. Adding the nutella was great because it gave more flavor and substance to the toast. I would definitely order it again,” Krause said.

Valley Bistro also offers many sides á la carte, such as canadian bacon, muffins, or home fries. “The home fries were pretty good. The seasoning on them was good and I liked the texture. They were really messy though, and they could have made them look nicer, they were kind of scattered everywhere on the plate and it overall looked sloppy. But still they tasted great,” Junior Emma Desso said.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was charming and quaint. It was small, cozy, and had almost wall-to-wall windows for natural light. The decór also gave off a sunny, quirky vibe. Posters displaying such quotes as “Love is in the air...nope that’s bacon” covered any the few walls that weren’t replaced by windows.

“The vibe of the restaurant was really cool. It was a super cute place, a great place to take pictures. It just feels happy in there and the atmosphere really helps you to soak in the experience. The only downside is that it was really small so we had to wait to get seated. I would hope that they expand it so that’s not a problem any more,” Krause said.

In conclusion, Valley Bistro is a charming new brunch restaurant that offers the winning combination of delicious food and an attractive environment in which to enjoy it.
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