Yound Dragon: 'Too Fly'

Young Dragon: 'Too Fly'
Posted on 04/08/2022
Young DragonYoung Dragon is 'Too Fly' Latest Album, 'Young Love'
Adelaide Seagrist
Staff Writer

On his teachers rosters his name reads 'Boswell, Tyson' but on social media, Spotify, and any other music platform he is Young Dragon (@Itz_YD_). He sat down for an interview after the release of his latest album, "Young Love."

How Did This Career Start For You?
“My brother was always rapping in 2018 and it led to me starting to make beats for him. After hearing that real songs could be made on my beats, I started to record my own voice and make my own songs. I wasn’t good when I first started but I never gave up”

How did you come up with the stage name “Young Dragon”
“Since I was 12 and I was the youngest member of my family. That’s where the Young came from. The Dragon came from knowing that everything I was going to produce was going to be fire. Spitfire.”

What is your biggest career Goal? What does the Future look like for you?

“I want to have generational wealth so money isn’t a burden on my family anymore. My family went through a lot of times when money was always a problem. I also want to have endless success and keep outdoing myself.”

What is your next song an when is it dropping?
“It’s most likely going to be a song with my guy YoungCuf and it should drop this April or May. Don’t fully know yet but when the time is right, it’ll be amazing.”

Who is your biggest inspiration?
“All of the positive people around me. All of my family and close friends. All of my great teachers. So many have told me to keep going after others have told me to stop.”

What is the message of your music? How do you want your audience to feel?
“Every time you listen I want you to feel better than you did before. My message as a young artist is even if everyone gives up on you, never give up on yourself. I wouldn’t be where I am today and have the opportunities opening up for me if I had given up. I want people to know you’re not ready to achieve greatness until you make yourself ready.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Still making music but also in other avenues of the entertainment business. I see myself dominating the world.”

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